Should water bottles be considered a negligible cost?

Are you a staff in a construction company ?

If you are, you know that you are responsible for the safety of your crews and that you need to provide them with proper tools,  like safety glove, reflective vest, safety glasses, etc.. and adequate working conditions, like a lunch trailer, portable washroom, water, etc.. for them to fulfill their work,

Each of these represent a small cost in the grand scheme of things, but each of them significantly add up. Have you ever thought how much you are spending for water supply over the length of your project ? 

Water bottles seems like a minor cost on a large scale project, let's make the math:

A typical water supplying company will deliver a case of 24 water bottle for about 5$ each, which is about 20 cents a bottle.. kind of cheap, I agree..

Now let's put it in context, an average single worker working under hot conditions will need about 4 to 5 liters per day in order to stay healthy and productive, this translates to 8 to 10 water bottles a day, or 1.60-2.00$ per day per worker, in water supply.

Conservatively, if you work 5 days a week, during hottest 6 months of the year, that is about 130 days, which comes about to 207-260$.

If your company has 20 workers that's an average of 4,670$; 100 workers: that's 23,350$; 500 workers: that's 116,750$. You get the picture, that's summing up to a lot. 

Our Safety vest with water pack is 6 times cheaper than the 240$ you'd spent on water for a single worker. Our value proposition is to make you save on water bottles, equip your sites with more economical water jugs, which your workers will need to refill their hydration pack, only once everyday, during lunch time. 

We know margins on construction projects are small, so any cost cutting counts! 

Stay Hydrated!

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