Reflective safety vest with water pack

About Us

Safegear Design Inc. specializes in supplying safety equipment to multiple industries, mainly construction. We supply United States, Canada and will be adding Mexico and Australia to our market in a few years.

Our team is composed of civil engineers working on large construction projects, with position like superintendent and field engineer. The field is where we get our inspirations from.

Everyday, we interact directly with labors and crafts, running complex operations, where we constantly monitor field safety and production. This leads us to identify hazards and inefficiencies, which we solve by designing and developing customized safety equipment that we test on our sites.

Our mission is to bring our products to your sites, to improve your safety and effectiveness. This is the value that we bring to the market, here at Safegear Design.

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Safegear Features

Each vest comes with a 2 liters water bladder, with an upper opening, allowing you to add water and ice cubes. Follow the instruction use carefully.  

In order to properly fix the water bladder to your back, all our vests are equipped with a lower and a upper chest strap, adjustable in four different manner.